About me...

The short version:
A thrift store shopper,
blog reader,
craft maker,
baking lover,
fitness seeker,
kindness minded girl,
with one very understanding
husband who
humours her

The long version:
A good ol' Canadian girl trying to enjoy the little things in life and documenting them along the way.
I have a gift for thrift! I love DIYing, blog reading, cooking, baking, photography, reading, exercising, spending time with family & friends, and of course blogging.

I started this blog a few years ago when I was living with my (then) boyfriend. Fast forward 2 years and now we are married! You can read about our engagement here and our engagement photos here.  I also love interior design and am working to make our little apartment a home. I enjoy photography and frequently creep...I mean admire photography blogs, pinterest, etc.

From time to time you may find Speech-Language Pathology posts. I just graduated in October 2011. I'm always surprised by how many people have either had a direct experience with an S-LP or know someone who has. So, if my experiences, knowledge, or interesting facts can help any reader or a friend of a friend I'm happy! 

Basically it's a smorgasbord! And who doesn't love a good smorgasbord?! 

Thanks for visiting my blog and stop by again!
Photo credit: Brandon Scott Photography

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